Restoration Gallon Kit

The Lamanator Plus Restoration Kit includes everything you need for deep cleaning & restoring your laminate, Pergo, vinyl, bamboo, cork or hardwood floor. Restores 3200 sq ft 1 coat / 1600 sq. ft 2 coats (recommended). Comes with 11 inch mop kit, an extra Microfiber Pad and the Aggressive Scrub Pad. Does not include the maintenance Floor Cleaner.

The Fresh Start (green label), along with the scrub pad, will remove old built up cleaners and any factory over sprays, waxes, installation glue, dirt, oils and grime. This product will get your floors (new or old) very clean. Your water will end up black and very dirty. Make sure to rinse very well to get all the grime off. This will also prep your floor for the Restorer finish.

The Restorer (yellow label) is a premium floor finish is designed to protect, seal and shine laminate, bamboo, hardwood and cork flooring. This product is unlike any other product that you will ever use. Enhances the shine and durability of your laminate. Minor scratches and scuffs will disappear. It will help seal joints and prevent moisture penetration to help protect your floor from being permanently damaged. It will bring out the grains and colors of your floor. It will look better than the day you installed it!  Made from the highest quality polymers in the world and is made up of 24.5% solids, making it the most durable semi permanent coating for laminate flooring. A two coat application will last over a year in most settings.

Lamanator Plus also provides amazing results on Vinyl, PVC, Vinyl Composite, Slate, Concrete and Porcelain Ceramic floors!

Included in this complete kit:

1 - Gallon of Lamanator Plus Fresh Start Cleaner 
1 - Gallon of Lamanator Plus Restorer Finish 
1 - Mop frame with universal plug to fit any handle
1 - Standard Scrub Pad
1 - Aggressive Scrub Pad
2 - Microfiber Mop Cloths
2 - Empty Quart Bottles w/ Sprayers
1 - Training DVD
Info & Instruction Sheets

The Lamanator Plus line of products will never harm the finish of your flooring when used as directed.

Fresh Start SDS Fresh Start Green Seal
Restorer SDS Restorer Green Seal